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Tips and tricks to stop electric scooters from catching fire

Lithium-Ion batteries are the most dependable choice accessible today for EVs and by avoiding potential risk, the purchasers can defend their electric bikes from the gamble of bursting into flames.

  • Do not charge the battery immediately after use

  • The most basic precaution is to park your scooter in a shaded area

  • The battery needs time to cool down for at least 30 to 40 minutes before and after charging

Since the getting comfortable of a boiling summer, numerous episodes of electric bikes disintegrating are being accounted for from different pieces of India. Up to this point, four such occurrences have proactively been accounted for, out of which three have been accounted for from down south, unexpectedly the most blazing piece of India. It is normal for battery-worked gadgets to get overheated during top summers.

Readers should take note that lithium-particle batteries are the core of electric bikes, and should be dealt with likely. The great support of a lithium-particle battery can expand the life expectancy of your electric bikes. Besides, lead-corrosive batteries are old innovations, cover more space, and have a high thickness, prompting countless fire blasts in e-bikes.

        Reasons why your electric scooter may catch fire:

  • Outrageous Temperatures – The external temperature is on top these days, which can be the unmistakable justification for why the electric bikes are bursting into flames. The outrageous temperature makes the batteries overheat, which prompts fire episodes.

  • BMS (Battery Management system) – Even however most electric bike producers have now been doing R&D to address the fire issue at the BMS (Battery Management System) level including settling deficient battery stockpiling frameworks prompting cheating, over-releasing, overheating, cell unbalancing, warm wanderers, and so forth which are the excellent purposes for flames in electric bikes.

  • Faulty Charging – Using an erroneous charger can set burning with the wrong measure of power.

  • Unintentional Damage – Even assuming kept up well, the batteries getting harmed in a mishap or any kind of actual harm caused to the electric bike might lead to cell cracks that can cause a start

          Tips & Tricks to save your electric scooter from a battery fire

1. Try not to charge the battery following use. Ensure you give the battery time to chill off for something like 30 to 40 minutes when charging.  

2. The battery ought to be charged by the OEM-provided real charger just and not by any substitute or privately fabricated charger.

3. In the event of any harm to the battery packaging or water interruption, contact your vendor. Get the battery and charger far from destructive or combustible substances, intensity, and fire sources.

4. The most fundamental safety measure is to stop your bike in a concealed region and not under direct daylight for long spans. The battery and charger ought to be turned off while not charging and put away in a perfect, dry, and ventilated place.

5. On the off chance that these tips are thought of and followed by each e-bike shopper, later on, e-bikes bursting into flames will be an uncommon event.

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