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Best Electric Scooter in India – Perfect for city life!

When it comes to buying the best electric scooter in India which can be perfect for city life, we have to struggle a lot in searching for the right one. The question can be many, which will be good in range, what should be the best battery performance, how many hours will it take to charge, which color, will it be affordable or not, etc. And it gets tough to reach the result. As compared to the past few years, electric vehicle’s demand has increased in the market, and the increase in demand has increased the manufacturers of electric scooters also. The experts have also estimated the segment, that the production will grow over one million in the coming years, by 2025.

One of the greatest advantages which the best electric scooters in India have come up with is its environmentally friendly nature. As compared to other vehicles, Electric vehicles do not release harmful gases into the environment, also while riding it they do not make much noise. And if you are living in a city where there is already a great density of population and pollution both, then you should surely choose the one good option for your daily life riding experience. And your good option can definitely be Wroley, because it is an ideal model for your daily transportation, also if you are looking to do a little bit for the environment, go for it! Because the manufacturers of our electric scooter, Wroley have designed the scooter in such a way with regards to its technical specification, it is good for your pocket and chargeable with any socket. With a vision to deliver the best riding experience, Wroley is now closer to being known as one of the best electric scooters in India.

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Explore Our New High Mileage Electric Scooter in India

Are you looking to explore high mileage electric scooters in India? The most important and biggest consideration when you are planning to buy an electric vehicle is their range, which means how far can your vehicle run if charged full. The number of options usually confuses buyers, and which to rely on becomes a question.

Taking this as a prime need of the customers, Wroley has come up with a high mileage electric scooter in India to give you a perfect riding experience. Eifer is designed to give you a platinum comfort, so that you can reach your near and dear ones with any obstacles in between!

So if you are into buying Electric Scooters and confused on which one to choose exactly, as mileage is not a thing to ignore, you can completely rely on Eifer because it’s up into high mileage electric scooters in India.


*** Setting Global Standards in Automotive Industry ***

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"Amazing things will happen when you Listen to your Customers..."

We are here to transform your desired on-screen Goals into stunning Tactual Components with best Quality.

We are involved in E-Mobility. We Supply customized Li-Battery Packs and all type of E-Kits for Bikes, Cars & Buses.

We value your money so we provide warranty on E-Kits.

"A good Trainer can shape your Future..." and we have a Quality trainers from all corners of India to provide Training & Design Consultancy for your dream Projects.

We always prove quality over quantity.

Thinking! Why only Eifer?
  • We are remarkable in providing the Top Quality Products with competitive Price.

  • We do Quality Retro-Fittings for Cars, Bikes and Auto with a full trust of yours.

  • We Provide you a real 24x7 support for all your doubts and queries regarding our product & Services.

  • We help the young minds, as we provide Free Technical support to all the students of BAJA, Gokart, etc.

  • We do product customization like Customized Motor, Li-Battery Packs and also CNC Fabrications.

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We offer the solutions for all the Engineering problems.

  • Retro-Fitting of cars, Bikes and Auto.

  • Customized Lithium Batteries for all purpose.

  • IP67 certified Batteries of ICAT Certification.

  • Customized BLDC Motors.

  • Controller & BMS of varied Quality.

  • Customized Gearboxes for ATV, Student Formula, Hybrid vehicles.

  • Customized Machining of Products with wide range of Machines.

  • Training & Design counselling to enhance students knowledge.

  • Free Technical Support 24x7, we are always here for you.


"A friend in need is a friend indeed..."

We at Eifer promise you to be always with you in all your situations of Product Requirement, Quality needs, Technical Query solution etc by 24x7.


We bet our price is unbeatable as we value our customer more than that of money.

Try our quotation now for your Requirements and get the best price throughout India.


We have a well professionally qualified team for maintaining the Quality throughout our range of products.

We also have well-profiled Trainers for Training & Consultancy.



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