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How to take care of your e scooter during monsoon

When going to work, participating in leisure activities, or even just doing errands, electric scooters have become a common method of transportation. We completely comprehend the excitement of riding your electric scooter through the lush green trees in the chilly, windy weather. A light rain would not hurt you, but a heavy deluge could be harmful to you and your electric scooter.

Here are 5 tips for maintaining your electric scooter during the monsoon

  1. Charge with utmost care: 

Removable batteries are typically included with electric scooters. Utilizing the charger supplied by the vehicle’s manufacturer is always advised. Avoid using any other chargers because doing so more than once might reduce the longevity of the electric scooter’s battery and its overall performance.

To prevent a spark or short circuit, make sure the charger is first linked to the battery or charging port of your Eifer e scooter before connecting it to the power source.

  1. Find a Safe Parking spot:

It is best to park your electric scooter in a covered space to prevent water from penetrating the e scooter and harming its critical electrical components. Additionally, we advise charging the battery in an area that is well-ventilated and free of obstructions and moisture.

  1. Follow the cool-down protocol:

For longer battery life, it is advised to provide a cooling time of 30 minutes. Before driving your car after charging it, let it cool for 30 minutes. After returning, wait 30 minutes for it to cool before recharging your car.

  1. Apply protection spray:

Your electric two-component wheeler’s may rust and corrode if they are exposed to rain and other atmospheric moisture for an extended period of time. Spraying your scooter’s body with anti-rust treatment is a good idea as a precaution.

  1. Follow your instinct:

Consider it a sign not to ride your electric scooter outside if it is pouring so hard that you feel uneasy leaving the home. The Eifer E-engine scooter’s and batteries are extremely resistant to flooding and severe weather. Be aware, though, that prolonged contact with water can harm any electrical component over time.

If you use the utmost caution and due diligence, riding an electric scooter in the rain may be enjoyable. Your skills shouldn’t be in any way diminished by the weather. To preserve your electric scooter during the monsoon, we advise you to pay attention to the aforementioned advice and tactics. Rest certain that with time, you will reap its benefits.

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