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Difference between an electric scooter and a petrol scooter

In recent years, two-wheeler technology has advanced significantly. The buyer now has a variety of options. Despite this, petrol-powered vehicles continue to dominate the market.

While non-carbon-based fuels are the way of the future, the technology has not yet reached full scalability. However, many domestic automakers are betting on the electric vehicle market.

Do you want to buy a brand-new e scooter? Are you torn between an electric and a petrol scooter?

A quick comparison between an electric scooter and a petrol scooter will help you arrive at an informed decision.

Difference between an e scooter and a petrol scooter:



Petrol Scooter


Some of the best-rated e scooters use pricey lithium-ion batteries. Being environmentally green comes at a hefty expense, therefore electric scooters are more expensive than petrol scooters.

Price-conscious customers are interested in petrol scooters. Given the recent increase in petrol prices, however, a considerable number of customers are shifting to electric scooters.

Fuel cost

E scooters do not have any underlying fuel expenditures. Therefore, they are more cost-effective in the long run.

Petrol scooters go approximately 50 to 60 kilometers per liter on average.

Operational range

The e-scooter is preferable if you just need to go short distances on a two-wheeler.

There are no restrictions on the operation of petrol scooters.


Electric scooters have comparatively cheap maintenance expenses. There isn’t much maintenance required aside from charging the battery regularly and cleaning at regular intervals.

Petrol scooters must be serviced regularly, especially if parts need to be replaced or the mechanical parts are worn out.


It takes at least two hours to fully charge an e scooter before it can be used.

Petrol models may be filled up at any gas station, anywhere, at any time, adding a layer of convenience when driving around.

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