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RheoTech for School

We “Rheotech”, a unit of EIFER India are ready to play our role for the Technical Development of our students and sharpen their minds through our innovative techniques and approach.

EIFER India is carrying a glorious past and present, for providing the Industrial and Practical Training to the students of various renowned institutes and colleges all over India.


Now it’s time to utilize all our experiences to the school level as we believe to strengthen the knowledge roots of the students to give them elephantine intelligence throughout their career.

At school age, the students hold tremendous potential of learning new things and are passionate to their field of interest.


We are here with an initiative to shape and enhance the size of their ideas and interests in more effective ways that would ultimately help in building up their confidence level and boosting their imagination capacity to Learn, Understand and Innovate things since school days.

Keeping this history, EIFER India has launched a subsidiary named Rheotech for the school students. Under this initiative, the school students will get the opportunity to think, learn, create, implement and upgrade.

RheoTech provides you a valid and effective reason for enrollment as mentioned here-


Professional seminars will be organized in the labs by our Experts, where all the practical and industrial approach will be delivered to the students besides clearing all the queries of young minds.

Some Extraordinary students will come up with an excellent idea or a Quality Product, we will help them to work on that idea and also provide a platform to commercialize the product in the name of their school.

Hands-on Training session will be provided to the students in the projects where students will work on their ideas under a Faculty advisor and will fabricate the product by themselves. 


Guest Interactions from various reputed companies and industries across the India where students will be able to acquire the in-depth knowledge about the working conditions & lifestyle of an employee.


We will provide an essential Kit containing requirements for creating a Product, which will be assembled by the students in their respective labs.

Online support & Video Tutorials will be provided.


To make students aware about the real world use of theories which they learning in their schools, we conduct Industrial visits where students will able to see the actual operations and manufacturing processes.

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