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Will e scooters pave the way for sustainable development goals

It is impossible to say whether e-scooters are good or bad for the environment because we lack long-term statistics on life cycles,” –Denis Benita

In recent years, the manufacturing of E-scooters was taking place in huge manner, the aim of this decision is to overcome fuel crisis as well as to reduce the pollution of environment. As global environment faces drastic catastrophe in past decades such as climate changes, green-house gas effect, shortage of non-renewable energy resources, carbon emissions and more relate to various dangers to species in the Earth. Every country takes deep step into sustainable development goals to reverse the current scenario. Some of the major steps taken are to eliminate carbon (CO2) emission by reducing carbon footprint by introducing electronic vehicles.

Electric scooters were modeled few years ago as a coherent and environmentally friendly solution for urban transportation and global transformation node. Though the E scooters have few cons, let’s look into the environmental overview of electric scooters and its benefits.

Every E-scooter manufacturers follows three important phases:

  • Engine and other spares are assembled

  • Measurement of polluting enables on the vehicle to be driven

  • Maintenance and recycling that impacts on environmental benefits

How friendly are electronic scooters?

When compared to gasoline-powered scooter, the electrical scooters is truly friendly one, because study shows that vehicles running with gas actually emit a higher concentrated hazardous chemical which is harmful to the nature

The other fuel stimulated vehicles emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Each year, 27% of green-house gases are produced by the passenger vehicles globally. By operating an electric scooter, obviously there is high possibility to bring zero carbon emission by using filter stream pipelines, which makes E-scooters essential at this moment.

Compared to normal vehicles, the E-scooter requires few components to produces which makes great impact on usage of rare metal which leads to minimum maintenance and economical impactful. As brakes of E-vehicles made of EBS [Electronic breaking system] which helps to recycle and save up to 10% of battery power by rechargeable methodology.

When it comes to noise pollution, sounds of vehicular traffic makes around 55–60% of the noise pollution globally. On comparison of E-scooters, this works on ion batteries and having lower-parts makes reduction of volumes. Also with lower drag coefficient, driving E scooters has no any noisy issues. This helps to reduce service costs and noise free driving atmosphere

Though there are a lot of debates on E scooters, the major causes of some defects like blast, CO2 emission are due to the lower quality of components, life span of e vehicles, charging infrastructure used, on rectification and synthesizing, this technology really paves the way for sustainable development goals for this era without any doubts.

Every invention and technology have some err at developing stage, as the evolution takes place it really becomes ultimate solution to overcome and retain sustainability. The major contribution of E-bikes is on setting suitable sustainable development goals of initiating the term micromobility, which helps to free tight spacing of roads, increases sharing accessibility, being electrically engineered, it helps to improve air quality and rewind the loss of nature and its beauty.

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