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What are the things to analyze before buying an e scooter

E-scooters are all the rage these days, but before you shell out your hard-earned cash for one, there are a few things you should take into account. E- Scooters are super fun and extremely convenient, but before you hit the buy button, there are a few things you should take into consideration. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the things you should think about before buying an e-scooter.


Quite possibly the clearest thing, about which Indian buyers are delicate to date, is the cost of the thing they are buying. Price is the primary factor that needs to be considered while buying an E-scooter. Battery Technology is still similarly costly in India, as are electric bikes. A few bikes cost over Rs. 1 lakh, which makes them excessively expensive for a large fraction of the population.

One must research cost alongside different viewpoints like on-street cost, supporting choices, tax breaks, and so on to finish on the off chance that you can get a decent e-bike at a great cost.

Charge time:

While the charging channels out, you will require time to allow the in-assembled battery to re-energize. Very much like cell phones, e-bikes expect time to re-energize as well. The bike must be connected and left for a couple of hours to totally charge. Search for an e-bike whose charging time is in no less than 7 hours, so you can get it charged for the time being. In the event that your bike upholds quick charging, it’s far better as you can top up the battery in any event, during your drive.

Other Electric scooters require 5-6 hours to charge completely. Others can require as long as 7 hours or somewhat more.


Riding range implies how far your vehicle can go in one full charge. All slow-speed e-bikes give you the greatest riding scope of 50-70 km. In the event that you are happy with this range, you are all set. High-speed e-bikes give a scope of 120-200 km. At present, in the Indian market, you will find bikes that are offering a scope of 50 to 150 km on a single battery charge. Understanding the present riding range is significant. If you are a person who travels long significant distances on a regular basis, then you must opt for a high-speed scooter that offers a higher riding range.

Charging stations:

You can charge your E-Scooter at your home, as companies introduce a home charging station for you. Be that as it may, when you are going far distances, you want electric charging stations to re-energize the battery power. Thus, we suggest you go for the brand that has a decent organization of electric charging stations. This will permit you to charge your scooter in a hurry, if necessary.

Likewise, one must also check whether the bike supports charging by means of a third-party charger or a standard wall attachment, which would make your life a lot less difficult. In India, sites like Charge List and applications like EV Plugs and Static can assist you with finding a charging station close to your area.

Battery Life:

A battery makes up the greater part of the expense of an electric vehicle. In case, you purchase an E-scooter, it is vital to check the battery type and its typical future. Usually, in all-electric vehicles, a lithium-ion battery is utilized.

It is critical to figure out the battery life ensured by the manufacturer, as the expense of replacing the battery is tremendous. Most manufacturers offer something like 3 years of assurance/guarantee on the batteries, and a typical lithium-particle battery will keep going for around 6–7 years before it needs replacement.

This likewise relies on how you are involving your vehicle as over-charging, not charging enough, extreme intensity/cold, riding style, and different elements can influence the battery duration.

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