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How to upkeep e-scooters

In recent days, the talk of the town is on e-vehicles and most people queried about the maintenance cost and service reality. Are you worried about the cost of maintenance of your electric scooter? To keep your E-bikes in a condition is not so difficult; with monthly services and self-care, you can sustain your E-scooters for long period with cool and comfort. Let us look into some quick tips to maintain your e-bikes:

. Points to remember

  • The battery of E-scooter plays a vital role. The efficiency of battery life decides the performance; advances in the battery really improve the maintenance levels.

  • Don’t fully dry the charge from the battery, always keep an eye on charging levels

  • Also avoid overcharging from KEYS system, according to studies keeping 90% charge will increase the longevity.

  • Always, use the company supplied brands for charging pur batteries, because local batteries can be different in capacity and circuits, which leads to improper charging. Which will definitely damages E-scooter or too extreme it can cause starting troubles.

  • E-scooters have different kind of braking system from other gasoline vehicles, for the best advice is to follow user guidelines and manuals for detailed procedures on maintaining the braking methods. 

  • Always check the tyre status and air levels at the right pressure to avoid bulging on the inner tube.

  • Regular maintenance of your electric scooter reduces the possibility of getting major issues in the future and also increases the durability of the bike. By monthly checks, we can avoid fatal accidents due to technical issues.

  • Avoid in heavy rains: Though E-scooters are generally waterproof and shockproof, but riding on long rides on heavy rains may lead to some other defects.

  • Cleaning: It’s important to self-cleaning before start of the rides, since the accumulation of dust can result in corrosion on its metal parts.

Regarding any EV producers, gives at least one year of warranty to the batteries. Even warranty limit is expired, to change your new battery will only cost you less than amount of 20,000, that may long last your battery durability for half the decade on proper maintenance. The conclusion is that, based on consumer's report, is that the cost of maintenance for your E-scooters will be far less or minimal charges in comparison to maintenance cost of the fueled motorbikes.

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