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How to prevent your electric scooter from catching fire

In India, the electric vehicle industry is growing at a rapid pace, especially in the electric two-wheeler sector. However, everyone’s attention in the last few days has been shifted toward the safety of electric scooters.

Ever since the four incidents of electric two-wheelers catching fire went viral within a week, electric scooters catching fire has become a great vexation for India’s e-scooter industry. The four videos of e scooters on flames going viral have raised concerns about the safety of environment-friendly electric scooters.

Let us read how can we prevent our e scooters from catching fire.

As the experts suggest, there are multiple levels of fire safety measures to consider in an electric vehicle. The companies should design battery cells that can prevent any sort of malfunction that could overheat the e scooter. Moreover, the BMS (battery management system) should be able to handle any external or internal threats to the battery and efficiently interact with the required safety systems in the e-scooter.

Dos and don’ts to prevent the electric scooter from catching fire:

  • Follow the directions in the manual carefully.

  • Don’t leave your electric scooter on, charging at night.

  • While charging, keep an eye on your electric two-wheeler.

  • Batteries should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

  • On hot summer days, slowly accelerate your electric scooter.

  • Your electric scooter should never be parked in direct sunlight.

  • When replacing the batteries, use extreme caution.

  • On hot days, it’s best to ride an e-scooter in regular mode.

  • After the e scooter’s batteries have reached room temperature, plug it in to charge.

  • Do not charge your scooter using an unauthorized charger.

  • Charge away from any source of heat.

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