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Eifer road to revolution on e-bikes

Eifer is one of the fastest growing competitors in providing advanced electric scooters founded in the year 2022 with more than 50+ pioneers in this field, aligned with advanced technologies to meet the higher quality versions and to vision hassle-free driving experience for the buyers, such as high graded sensors, recycling battery cells made up of lithium ions, efficient charging methods with 4 hours duration scheme, reverse mode, ultra-modern powerful motors with capacity of 250 Watts, micro charger with automatic cut to maintain consumption.

The aim of the Eifer is to achieve the nation’s goal of initiating E-scooters in every house. Eifer is more targeted to bring out eco-friendly revolution. Eifer main factory is set up in Plot No 10, Sector 155, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Eifer has initiated three major models which is highly recognized and appreciated in current market trend and attracting buyers’ interest. Let look into detailed overview of the E-bike models:


The E-bike MARS of Wroley’s is highly effective with better performance. The main features include, 5 inch MF led, 15 degree steepness of grade, with dimension 1830*730*1150 mm, charger capacity ranges from 67.2V/8A (CC-CV), duration of charging up to 4 hours, ground clearance of 175 mm, hydraulic damping suspension & more:

  • Price: 71,900

  • 250W/BLDC Hub Motor Controller

  • 30A Battery

  • 60V/30Ah Cells

  • Lithium-ion BMS

  • 40A waterproof speedometer

  • Digital display rim

  • Iron-tyres

  • Tubeless headlamp

  • LED reflector

  • Left and Right blinkers brake lights

  • LED Gradeability

  • 640 mm Loading capacity

  • 200 kgs boot space

  • Under seat speed

  • 25 kmph range


The E-bike PLATINA is one of the finest model of Eifer, with remarkable performance that satisfies every rider with its astonishing features such as dimensions of 1820*720*1100 mm, charger capacity of 67.2V/8A (CC-CV), ground clearance of 140 mm and so on:

  • Price: 79,900

  • 250W/BLDC hub motor controller

  • 30A (max)/ 12 tube battery

  • 60V/30Ah cells

  • Lithium-ion battery

  • 40 A waterproof speedometer

  • Digital display rim

  • Alloy tyres

  • Tubeless headlamp

  • LED reflector

  • Left and right available brake lights

  • LED seat

  • 640mm Gradeability

  • 15% Loading capacity

  • 200kgs boot space

  • Under seat speed

  • 25 kmph Range


To meet some high standards and added values for your E scooters, the Eifer POSH will be perfect fit with dimensions of 1830*730*1150 mm, charger range from 67.2V/8A (CC-CV), charging duration of 4 hours, Hydraulic damping, ground clearance of 175mm and more:

  • Price 82,900

  • 250W/BLDC Hub Motor Controller

  • 30A Battery

  • 60V/30Ah Cells

  • Lithium-ion BMS

  • 40A waterproof speedometer

  • Digital display Rim

  • Iron Tyres

  • Tubeless Headlamp

  • LED Reflector

  • Available Indicator

  • Left and Right blinkers Brake Lights

  • LED Gradeability

  • 640mm Loading capacity

  • 200kgs Boot space

  • Under seat Speed

  • 25kmph Range/Mileage

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